Brexit – they voted

It has been a while since people of the Great Britain decided to leave European Union. Almost 2 months have passed, but still no action taken from the British leaders to exit. Who knows if it will happen at all? Who knows is this right? But I am not sitting here to write about fulfilling a wish of a democratic nation.

Right after the vote people who lost were already bitching about it. Signing petitions to start a second referendum (1), complaining about old people fucking it up (2), not being informed appropriately (3), etc. Saying – now the UK has turned away from friends and allies in Europe and betrayed “the western values” being an open nation.

And they are right. The British pound has taken a hit, exports will take a hit and economy will shrink. (4)

All we see is a financial damage. What else? What else are Brits going to lose? Nothing. Because everything else can be negotiated. Labour and free movement of people, options for studying abroad and cheaper mobile calls throughout Europe can be negotiated. And Europe still considers them friends and partners.

In my eyes, what they got for the Leave vote is something more superior than extra pounds lost in wallets. They got their balls back.

This referendum was about nothing but immigration – Eastern european labour immigrants and refugees. Because of the free labour movement in EU anyone can go to the UK looking for a job. And because of being a wealthy country, it’s a primary destination. As you know there is a war going on right next to Europe. EU has decided to send those “poor bastards running” deeper into Europe, distribute them, so Italy and Greece wouldn’t have to feed them all by themselves.

Imagine yourself waking up in the morning and feeling you need to take a piss. You walk into your bathroom and see a stranger taking a dump and reading your morning newspaper. That is how 52% of Brits feel, the rest 48% know it too, but they suppress it by saying we are “liberal, open and global humanists”. In the UK there are towns taken over by Poles, Lithuanians and Latvians (5). Muslims are marching the streets (6), on every street corner you can see a Chinese, Pakistani or Indian. Those are facts. (7)

In today’s world not liking a foreigner living next to you is called being racist, xenophobic and deeply wrong. It is not acceptable in the way of progressive thinking.

But listen, why is it wrong? Where else a person can feel true if not at home?  Why just you won’t let them feel what they feel? It’s a basic human instinct to fear, not accept and even fight the different and it’s a basic right to feel secure, calm and good at home. Why would you want to push something on people in what they don’t share the same opinion with you and make them unhappy. There are other ways how to help not just welcoming them in and the Brits are not denying that help (8).

They are not going to immigrants’ motherland and calling them bad names or abusing them. They wish them all the best. They wish wealth and peace in their homeland, so they could live there safe.

No one has the right to order how people should live and feel in their own country. Who should they give jobs or offer help. With who they should share their house.  That’s a free choice. EU and anyone else should respect that. If you don’t agree, just keep your opinion to yourself.

I salute to every Brit for cutting and dropping EU chains around your necks. You stood up for yourselves and said “We are done with this shit”, and no-one has the right to judge you.

Yeah, most likely nothing will change, and if the UK will actually exit, instead of EU the Brits will blame their own government. Still, there is a reason they should feel proud, also for people who voted remain.


22:33 pm

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